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Pre Order FAQs


  1. Pre-ordering will ensure that you are prioritised, you secure your correct size for the NEWEST releases before it’s completely SOLD OUT.
  2. Pre-ordering will make you eligible for exclusive bonuses! Pre-order bonuses will be indicated in every item’s description. However, as all items are LIMITED EDITIONS, reservations are first come first serve. Upon pre-ordering, a notification will be sent to your email as to the bonuses, the tracking code for your order, and the date when you could expect your order to be delivered.
  3. Pre-ordering will let us know that you love DSA merch so much! The only downside to that is you should expect some good DSA lovin’ from us! That means aside from exclusive pre-order bonuses, you will be given DSA membership upgrades. More pre-orders = more membership access = more exclusive deals and bonuses = more love to go around!


Pre-ordering a LIMITED EDITION DSA item means it is made to order and therefore would take a longer time to be fulfilled. After the pre-order period is over, that is when we will start processing your order in order to make sure it is just the way you want it!


If you order an old design with a new PRE-ORDER design, we will send them as two separate orders.

Pre-ordering eligible items is different from regular orders. Since with pre-order you are ordering AHEAD OF TIME, it also follows that there will be a longer wait than usual until the items are officially launched for the rest of DSA customers and, hence, for the items to be delivered. Regular orders will be shipped out without further and unnecessary delays unless covered by the shipping and customs policy. (Read here to learn more: https://www.defencesportingapparel.com/pages/frequently-asked-questions)


  1. All pre-orders are non-refundable as they serve as your reservation slots. That means by pre-ordering, you are RESERVING YOUR PLACE in what usually grows into a long line of commitments. By placing your order early, you will then be placed at higher priority. Cancelling your pre-order will also forfeit your pre-order slot, but you will not be able to get back your payment. As such, please be extra sure before you place a pre-order.
    1. Pre-orders are non-transferrable. Requests to transfer pre-order reservations to a different item will not be accommodated.