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    The founder of Defence Sporting Apparel grew up like many other Australians; playing Rugby League, Ruby Union and Cricket on the weekends while being a part of a hardworking Australian family.

    Whilst developing a career in account management, advertising and corporate sales, he began working with some of the biggest sport brands in Australia.

    Drawing inspiration from his grandfather, in 2010 he joined the Australian Army and carried on his life for Rugby Union by representing his battalion and the North Queensland Army team.

    Though it involved a tiresome amount of hours and hard work, requests were continuously flowing from contacts within the Australia Defence Force community for help producing high quality products for team members to be inspired to wear – later having DSA born.

    Now, DSA has headquarters in Brisbane and distributes to locations all across Australia and internationally. Working with some of the leading unit’s in the Australian Army, and thousands of happy customers; DSA is on a mission to help and give back.