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About Us

We exist to provide our community with unique,
exclusive, heartfelt clothing collection which leaves
our community with a deep sense of pride. #DSAARMY

DSA is a unique clothing brand which is driven by
mission and purpose and believes in giving back to its
community and not for profits. 


The DSA Experience

We’re customer obsessed. Our community is everything to us and have stuck by us through thick and thin. Every day our mission at Defence Sporting Apparel is to represent the highest version of ourselves so we can provide an exceptional customer experience to our community.

We Provide You With Everlasting Pride

In our Defence Online clothing store we exist to provide our community with premium quality clothing, which is strictly limited edition, not available anywhere else in the world and will always leave you with a feeling of deep sense of pride.

Give back, it’s what we do

We believe in giving back to the community and making a difference.To date, DSA has donated $21,000 of it’s profits to Veteran charities and $5,000
to the Salvation Army disaster appeal all through our Australian Spirit Clothing collection.

Peace of mind?

All our products are of the highest premium quality that’s why we offer a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee on all quality assurance Defence Sporting Apparel products.

Stand tall and proud.

You can make a difference. Join the movement today!

Join us on the mission in keeping the spirit alive for
generations to come. #DSAARMY