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Australia's Top 10 4x4 Locations

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Where do you go when you want a boy’s trip away or simply to spend some quality time with the family on the ultimate Australian 4WD adventure?

With so many locations to choose from, we have broken down our top 10 locations for you! One of our personal favorites is Fraser Island where we spent 5 days last Christmas exploring the white sand tracks, fishing, swimming and having a couple cold ones around the fire!

Nothing better than sitting around after a good day, with a fire, some cold beers, good music and good mates (but bad jokes haha).

1) The Lap of Australia

What a fun adventure to circumnavigate the whole of Australia while on a 4WD and enjoying the idyllic views of Gods Country. Do you think it’s possible that we can complete the navigation in a few weeks, including the ferry trip to Tasmania? This is definitely something to put on a bucket list!

2) The Kimberley, Western Australia

A huge area in Australia’s northwestern corner with a number of incredible sights like Chamberlain Gorge, Horizontal Falls, the Bungle Bungles and many more. For 4WD experience, you should never miss taking a road trip to the Gibb River Road, which stretches a vast 660 kilometers from east to west of Kimberley. Surely an awesome place to unwind.

3) Cape York, Queensland

Traveling may start from Cairns up to the northernmost point of Australia. The Old Telegraph Track is also a must-visit for 4WD adventures!

4) Fraser Island, Queensland

It’s a great getaway to visit Fraser Island’s lakes and the other notable sites such as Lake McKenzie, Wanggoolba Creek, Lake Wabby and the towering rainforest trees in the Valley of the Giants. The soft sand along the beach is good for 4WD on a sandy highway known as 75 Mile Beach on the eastern side of the island and also by taking a scenic route along the inland Central Lake drive.

5) Alice Springs, Northern Territory

There are so many self-drive itineraries in Alice Springs. It’s just up to you if you want to discover ancient ranges and Aboriginal arts. The choice of fun does not stop there as you can experience spectacular Australia’s own million-old red center, Uluru. By traveling through the Mereenie Loop by self-drive, it will take you from Alice Springs to Uluru for a mesmerizing and breathtaking outback experience.

6) The Gulf Savannah, Northern Territory, and Queensland

The Savannah Way is Australia’s great adventure drive, connecting the tropical north Queensland and the Northern Territory’s frontier. You can experience a full getaway along the 3700-kilometer route where you can enjoy the sight of national parks and world heritage areas along the way.

7) Outback, New South Wales

There are so many things to see in the diverse NSW, the wide variety of scenery and that this place offers will satisfy us in this outback journey. You can choose your own adventure by heading north to south and with great and spectacular driving trails.

8) Moreton Island, Queensland

There are so many things to do in Moreton Island; your day will be filled with fun activities. You drive along the whole length of the beach (However, sometimes not passable due to low or high tides) and also experience the sand tracks on the back streets. Are you in?

9) Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

A lot of spots can be seen in Kakadu National Park, the best exploration is by using your 4WD to explore the full range of its attractions as some are only accessible by using 4x4s. These include the West Alligator Head in the north part of the park, a couple of falls like the Twin Falls and Jim Jim Falls, up to the south which is Maguk and Jarrangbarnmi.

10) Cairns, Queensland

Touring in Cairns is never a bore as this you will track the mountainous rainforest. A great experience for nature seekers as this place boasts an undeveloped, rugged and exotic adventure!


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