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Young Digger

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The soldiers are the most valiant group of people that we all know. The sacrifices they made is just more than enough for all of us to honour them.

A century ago, came the outbreak of the war. A lot of men voluntarily enlisted within the standards of the Royal Army.

We are all familiar with James Charles Martin, also known as, Jim Martin, whose age was falsified just as so he can be recruited and claimed to be 18, instead of his true age of 14. He was also one of the 20 young ANZAC who died before they reach 18. It is heart heartbreaking, especially for his family who was against his enlistment in the Australian Imperial Force.

In this generation, we make sure not to take everything for granted. We honour and pride what they've done for us. At a tender age of 14, a young digger who should have lived his life, could possibly have his own family, was destined to fight for us. History makes us cry, by understanding how much had been given up by some for our future. It may be his destiny, and with that fate, we get to live our lives to the fullest.

Don't take things for granted, we should be thankful each time the clock ticks. Let's make our everyday great!

We have modern heroes today who are still serving the Australian Defence Force and the veterans. We cannot forget what their contributions to our country. Like some of our friends and families, who served, not all of them get to live a perfect life after retiring. That's why it is our mission to make sure they get assistance. And by purchasing a single product, you do not just get an item but you also aide in assisting our diggers.

Let us commemorate and support them together!

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