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No One Fights Alone Mission and Why It Was Created

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Video Transcription

Hey Scott! Tell us what's going on today mate?

What's going down today is I'm actually showcasing the new No One Fights Alone T-shirt and Hat from DSA. No One Fights Alone, actually is a really important concept as far as mental health and the likes.

Here we are now, dealing with number of ex-service community. People have mental issues in general. Having going through a number of different things in my life.

The No One Fights Alone motto and logo is very important because We shouldn't let people fight alone, we should be there to help our mates, stand by our mates. This idea of No One Fights Alone. The importance of promoting that.

When you see that and when you think about the words, Yeah No One Fights Alone You Know. Again, that should hopefully, we'd love to see it inspire in people the idea of saying "Hey Mate you ok?" or stepping up that you know and making that phone call with someone that they know are struggling Or something like that.

Those little things that make such a huge difference. You don't have to change your life to help someone else. A simple "Good day mate! How you going?" and checking in on someone Can make a huge difference. You're not fighting alone. Hey! There is someone there watching, someone there for you.

Get on to the DSA site. Check out the shirts they've got. The No One Fights Alone is a really really strong message. Not only in Australia, in the UK, but America.

Take on board. Show your support. Not only for the veteran, but people with mental health, with health issues that are fighting. Make sure to dub on the DSA site. Pick up your No One Fights Alone.

Support those, our mates, our friends, our family, who fall in fights. Whether they be health wise, mental health, whatever the case may be team.

No One Fights Alone. Jump on Board.

No One Fights Alone NOFA NOFA Collection

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