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We all know that while our Australian Heroes are fighting for freedom abroad, their families fight even greater battles at home. To them, the death of a veteran is the death of a father or mother, a brother or sister, a son or daughter, a lover and partner.
Our veterans paid the greatest sacrifice for Australia for the freedom and peace we take for granted today. DSA believes that it is our duty as Australians to make sure that their innocent loved ones at home are well supported through the toughest days of their lives.
It’s terrifying to lose a loved one because of war. Besides the emotional trauma, it’s also a huge financial blow to the family. At DSA, we are not just advocates of showing support for our veterans; we are action takers. That is why we are committed to Give Back part of our revenue to supporting charity organizations that help veterans and their families through their toughest days.
We have proudly donated over $20,600 to date to charities supporting Australian veterans and their families.
We want you to know that when you wear a DSA apparel, you are directly supporting our veterans in both spirit and assistance through the organisations we support.
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These are the organisations we support, click on the images to donate and learn more.
Veteran Centre Mid North Coast

The Mission of the Veteran Centre Mid North Coast (VCMNC) is to engage past, present and future veterans and their families to assist with benefit entitlements and transition from military to civilian life.

To provide opportunities for peer to peer support, mentoring and social networking and to raise awareness of veteran issues among the local community.

And again, as promised, 10% of each item purchased last ANZAC Day sales went directly for good cause. Without you, none of this would be possible. 

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