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    Controversy In The Court

    Controversy In The Court

    The One Nation leader entered the Senate to a great controversy on Thursday afternoon.

    There were massive groans in the Senate as she entered. Someone was heard saying "What on earth?"

    Hanson said she entered the Senate without being checked.

    “No security guards at any point in time asked to see my face,” she said.

    “One of the attendants on the floor of Parliament, he just gasped

    Senator Hanson removed it a few moments later as she attempted to ask a question to the Attorney-General on banning the burqa.



    She claimed to not know about any feedback from the Muslim community but said she has received a lot of support from Australians.

    “I actually got a message from a woman in Saudi Arabia who actually has congratulated me and said ‘thank you because we want to get rid of the scarf that we have to wear’,” she said.

    During a press conference in Canberra, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull took aim at Senator Hanson’s stunt.

    “The (Muslim community) are our best allies in every respect and that is why the foundation of the success of ours, the greatest, most successful multicultural society in the world, is mutual respect,” Mr. Turnbull said.

    “There have been 13 foiled national threats against us with terrorism,” she told the Senate.

    Senator Hanson said she would do it again and want's to make a point. Do you think it was too over 

    Interesting New Hiring Policies in the ADF!

    Interesting New Hiring Policies in the ADF!

    According to SkyNews Australia, Men are losing out on jobs in the Australian Defence Force as it looks to boost the number of Women in its ranks.

    Staff have been told to recruit only Women, including in frontline combat roles, under threat of being reassigned if they ignore the directive.

    Of 50 Army jobs posted this week, only 15 are available to Men.

    The navy and air force are facing similar quotas. Only one of 18 navy jobs listed for the next six months is open to men and the air force has none at all.

    At DSA, we believe that serving our great nation is an incredible act, regardless of gender.

    If YOU feel the same way, show your support for those that dedicate their lives to keep us safe by CLICKING the link below.

    4 Reasons Our Nation Is the Best In the World!

    4 Reasons Our Nation Is the Best In the World!

    Our Country Is The BEST In The World.
    Here Are The 4 Places That Every Australian Needs To Visit.
    As you go through the list I want YOU to think about the first time YOU visited these iconic places!

    1.Great Barrier Reef


    3.Bondi Beach

    4. Opera House

    How many of these have you visited?

    At DSA we love our country so much, that we wear clothes to represent IT, and those that have dedicated their lives to IT.

    I'm sure that you feel the same...