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Anita Stone

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I'm Anita Stone from Victoria Australia.
August 2017 




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  • I love this company. I have been with this company 2.5yrs, I have brought every shirt, hat, etc that DSA has designed. I know that I am helping to donate to Legacy for our elite whether its defence or civil. Being on Disability pension, with the help of Afterpay this is one way I can give back to a much-needed cause for our elite Heros. (Father ex-police) for their service to this Great Southern Land, the home of the free, brave, bold. We have our elite to thank. Unfortunately, they see things, do things that they cant unseen, undo…
    It is sad when we are losing more soldiers though suicide then we are losing on the battleground, warzones.
    These designs are beautiful, wonderful of our Aussie climate they ARE limited collectables. Knowing that every piece I have brought, when that design is over, it is over, never to be printed again. It gives you a great feeling of honour, pride, respect towards our un rang hero’s.
    The stares, the double-takes, the asking where did you get that from, you can answer truthfully, truly they are NOT made anymore. Havagudon Stralya…
    Gudonya DSA, keep on designing these priceless Limited Edition collectables pieces that you can wear, not just hanging on a wall, on a shelf under glass or in a display cabinet which somethings I have put…
    Cheer from the No: 1 Elite Partium Member.
    Anita Stone. ;-)

    Anita Stone on

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