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Defence Sporting Apparel: Tattoos of Pride

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Each one of us expresses ourselves, our thoughts, and our stories in different ways we can. Some share their narratives by writing a song, others through painting, while some get themselves a tattoo.

A tattoo is more than just a fashionable ink; it is beyond being merely a body art. A tattoo is a representation of someone’s feelings, story, and self-identity. For others, it serves as a tribute and a remembrance of someone special or something that they extremely resonate with.


It could be something as small as a dot or it could be huge enough to cover their entire body. Regardless of its size or overall look, it all boils down to what those tattoos represent. What’s something that used to be controversial has now become a part of modern culture that puzzles and fascinates onlookers.

Did you know that in the 18th to 20th century, getting a tattoo was considered to be an elite and exclusive practice by the English and Russian royal families? Eventually, they went against it when the art became available to the public.

Interestingly, the word ‘tattoo’ is linked to Captain James Cook, the same British explorer and navigator who unexpectedly interrupted the serene living of the Aboriginals when he landed at Botany Bay in 1770. While the practice of getting ink inscribed to people’s bodies has long been done in some tribes, it is only in 1777 that the word ‘tattoo’ is officially used to refer to the said activity. The term was derived from the Tahitian/Polynesian word tatau, which means ‘to mark.’

Along with his other agenda, Captain Cook introduced the practice of tattooing to the Western part of the world.

Certainly, there are various reasons why people get themselves inked. It could be because of their ancient culture and practices, some do it for aesthetic reasons because they are convinced that it would look really good on them, while others get themselves a tattoo to express their identity and many other personal reasons.

Recently, our Defence Sporting Apparel community proudly shared and flooded our Facebook post with their Defence Force themed tattoos. Here’s a sneak peek at some of them.

According to Mark, his tattoo is a tribute to his grandfather.

Scotti right here, who is currently serving, showed off his Royal Australian Navy themed tattoo on his calf.

Meanwhile, Shaun got a tattoo as a tribute to his dad who served in Vietnam. Inscribed are the words “Lest We Forget” which truly reflects Defence Sporting Apparel’s mission of always keeping the spirit alive.

Do the words tattooed on Kylie’s arm seem familiar to you? That is because it’s an excerpt from the poem “For the Fallen,” a piece of poetry that was written in honour and remembrance for all casualties of war.

Furthermore, Sherri shared his son’s tattoo as his tribute to his great grandfather. 

See more of these photos on our official Facebook page.

Truly, keeping the spirit alive and showing our pride for our Defence Force community and our valiant war veterans can be done in different ways. In this case, our mates right here expressed their gratitude and appreciation by getting a tattoo. 

To quote one of our mates, Sharon, “Thank you to all. Got a bit teary checking out the tributes.” Indeed, seeing all these great tattoos inscribed on these people’s bodies certainly brings us a deep sense of pride which has always been DSA’s mission from the very start.

A tattoo is a sign of permanence; thus, may these tattoos serve as a remembrance of all the sacrifices our unsung heroes have made for us to enjoy the freedom that we currently have. May their stories be a reminder that freedom is not free and that their tales are meant to be passed on to the next generation.

However you want to show your pride and honour, whether by getting a tattoo, joining a march, or wearing a shirt, what’s important is you are getting behind a great mission of keeping the spirit alive.

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  • Truly amazing and wonderfully inspiring. How brave and caring of them.

    Leanne HALLAS on

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